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James Webb Space Telescope: Additional Delays “Likely”
A non-partisan government office has issued a report warning of additional delays for the James Webb Space Telescope, which could pit the mission against its funding cap. Read more...
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A “Living Dead” Star Sheds Light on the Early Universe
A newfound star in a nearby galaxy appears to have cheated death by blowing up at least twice as a supernova. It could be a throwback to the first stars that ever formed.​ Read more...
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Dwarf Galaxy Collision Evicted Milky Way Stars
A long-ago encounter between our galaxy and an orbiting dwarf might have ejected some of the Milky Way’s stars. Read more...
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Rocket Barrage to Study Northern Lights
A series of 11 sounding rocket flights from two remote locations in the Arctic circle will help unlock the secrets of the processes behind the Northern Lights. Read more...
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Amazing Storms, Jet Streams on Jupiter
NASA’s Juno spacecraft has found breathtaking cyclones at Jupiter’s poles and probed how deep the planet’s jet streams go. Read more...
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Neutron Stars Discovered on Collision Course
Got any plans in 46 million years? If not, you should keep an eye out for PSR J1946+2052 around that time — this upcoming merger of two neutron stars promises to be an exciting show! Read more...

Observing Highlights

Sky & Telescope
This Week’s Sky at a Glance, March 9 – 17
What will you look for in the sky this week? Perhaps the zodiacal light if you live in the mid-northern latitudes? Read more...
Sky & Telescope
Last Chance to See Doomed Chinese Space Station
China's premier space station, Tiangong-1, has a one-way ticket into the Earth's atmosphere later this month. See it before it's no more. Read more...
Sky & Telescope
Tour March’s Sky: Planet Peeks at Dusk
With winter's chill fading away, this is a great time to gaze up into the stars — and to be ready for an evening appearance by fleet-footed Mercury. This month's astronomy podcast guides you around the nighttime sky. Read more...
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